Intimate shaving

Intimate shaving

This is how you shave your abdomen. Step by step

More and more men choose to shave their bodies, not only chest and back but also the intimate parts. Some choose to be completely clean-shaven, while others think it feels fresh to groom pubic hair with a trimmer or carefully with scissors. The important thing is that you yourself should be comfortable and satisfied.

Step 1.

Don't hurry. This applies to all shaving. Regardless of whether you shave your face, head, legs or pubic hair. The same procedure applies when shaving the pubic hair. Groom or run with a hair trimmer before if the hair is long. Just as important here is to have fresh and sharp razor blades. Do not use the same razor that you use for your face or head.

Before you start shaving, the skin needs to be prepared. When shaving intimate parts, we recommend that you do it in connection with the shower. You can easily do this with warm or lukewarm water. Soap up and wash the rest of the body and rinse. Feel free to use straight cream or foam to get the most comfortable shave possible.


Step 2.


Make sure you stretch the skin while shaving. Try not to drag too many times in the same place. Rinse the razor blade often and well between strokes. Feel it until you are satisfied. Start by shaving with hair. If you are not satisfied, run round two in reverse.

If it's the first time you shave your abdomen, it may feel strange at first. You will get used to it, if you don't the hair will grow back=)

The important thing is that you yourself are comfortable in it.


Step 3.

After shaving.

Rinse thoroughly and wash with a mild soap. Feel free to use a caring aftershave.


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