Så rakar du skägget steg för steg

How to shave your beard step by step

Step 1. Preparation.

No stress. Shaving should be a wonderful experience. If you stress when shaving, it is easy to cut yourself or miss parts that you should have shaved. In order for the hairs to be cut easily and without damage, you need to soften them first. You can easily do this in the shower - a little hot water softens the stubble, so feel free to combine shaving with the morning shower or the evening shower. If that doesn't work, you can simply rinse your face or whatever you're shaving with a little warm water. Once the hair and skin have softened, you can proceed with the next step. Some people prefer to shave in the shower. Then it can be good to have a mirror close at hand. So that you can see where you are shaving. Good lighting in the bathroom is important.


Step 2. Before shaving.

When the skin and hair are moist, it is time to use some kind of straightening cream or straightening gel. Our Swedish-made shaving cream is 100% vegan. Feel free to use a shaving brush to apply the straight cream to the desired location. Do yourself a favor and invest in a shaving brush, you won't regret it. Check out our Vegan Walnut Handled Shaving Brush. When shaving the beard, start with the most sensitive part. Men often find that it is the neck that is most sensitive to shaving. Therefore, feel free to start by applying the cream directly to the neck and then the rest of the face. Make sure to have good lighting in the bathroom. Now if that's where you shave.


Step 3. Shaving.

Now to the shaving itself. The most important thing when it comes to shaving itself is to have fresh and sharp razor blades. The biggest mistake many people make is that they have razor blades that are too old and dull. Change more often.

If you don't have fresh razor blades at home, then skip shaving and order new ones immediately.

  • If necessary, feel free to tighten the skin with one hand to get the razor as close to the skin as possible.
  • Move the razor over the skin in the same direction as the hair grows. Don't push the planer too hard - it's the sharp blades that will do the work.
  • Rinse the razor in warm water between each stroke to remove hair, skin and foam residue.
  • If you want a closer shave, you can apply a little more shaving cream and run one more time. You can also run the razor against the hair. This can be experienced as a bit unpleasant at first.
  • Check through carefully and feel with your hand so you haven't missed a spot.


Step 4.After shaving. Hydration

Time for hydration.

This is at least as important as taking care of the skin after shaving.

When you have finished shaving, rinse the skin with cool/cold water. This causes you to close the pores. Dry lightly with a towel. Then apply with an aftershave and moisturizing face cream. This softens the skin and prevents dehydration.

Don't forget to rinse and clean your razor and blade after shaving.

Good luck.

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